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What fonts and pitches are available for HP4


aix 3.2.5 C10

I have tried to used a certain pitch with a HP4 defined as a virtual
printer, but the pitch is not valid.  I can use the same pitch with a


        You have a HP LaserJet 4 virtual printer.  You tried setting
the pitch to various values and to various fonts.  With your HP
LaserJet II you could use qprt to go to the gothic font with various
pitches.  You set the gothic font manually on the printer and the
virtual printer did not change it. 
This functionality is gone for the HPLJ4.  With this virtual printer,
the font is changed by default to courier.  This is because the
_s option is set to courier which is the default.  The mU attribute
shows the valid settings are only lineprinter 10 and 12 pitch and
courrier 10 and 12 pitch.  By defining the printer as a LaserJet II
you get the functionality that you were looking for BUT you are
curious as to why this change was made and if there will be any
problems in the future, ie removal of LaserJet II support or changes
to the LaserJet II to make it behave like the HPLJ4 does now.


The user was not actually selecting gothic from the LJ-2, but was using
the front panel, and the lj2 settings did not reset this, while the lj-3
and lj-4 do.  The biggest problem was that with the lj-2 he could set
practically any pitch without restrictions, but now he is restricted
to what is in the mU attribute.  The user could remove the eT attribute
from the %I[] of the ci attribute and he will then go back to the
same functionality as the II (more or less)
simple as removing one of the included attributes in the ci attribute.
However there is a better solution that will give much more flexibility.
I was able to get a pitch of 15 to work by adding a new value
in the mU attribute.  I also see that we change the font to roman
each time.  We can change this by resetting c1 to blank.

The mU attribute has definitions for the Type Styles in this format:
The attributes in this line stand for the following things
courier - This is the name that you will use for qprt -s courier
10      - This is the pitch for this, you can have multiple entries 
          for courier with different pitches
4099    - This is the Primary Typeface number for the HPLJ.  It can
          be found in the table on A-20 of the HPLJ-4si reference
          manual.  The command to the printer is esc-(s4099T
0       - This is the Stroke weight, 0-normal, 3-Bold,-3-light,etc
          This is also on page A-20.
0       - This is the Style, 0-normal, 1-Italic, 2-Condensed, etc.
(%ImB)  - Is the code pages supported by this font.

You can easily add these fonts, but I'm not sure of the limit.
To add them, lsvirprt, choose the printer, and then enter mU~v
(mU-tilda-v).  This will give you a vi session.  Make a copy
of an existing definition by using 3yy (yank), then p (put)
Now make the changes.  The definition I created looked like this:

Earlier part of ci
 %ImB          INCLUDE: (List of Stage 2 Translate Tables (code pages)
               Supported by the Font)
 %ImB          INCLUDE: (List of Stage 2 Translate Tables (code pages)
               Supported by the Font)
 %ImB          INCLUDE: (List of Stage 2 Translate Tables (code pages)
               Supported by the Font)
 %ImB          INCLUDE: (List of Stage 2 Translate Tables (code pages)
               Supported by the Font)
Last of ci attribute
After making the changes save with :wq

Now I can use a pitch of 15 from the command line like
qprt -sgothic -p15 filename
I can print gothic with bold type or italics with
qprt -sgothic-bold filename
qrpt -sgothic-italic filename

and I don't get the error.  
If you close this item, library it and assign to me.

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