ITEM: M8330L

Need to increase /usr: df & SMIT show different values

ENV:    AIX 3.2.5

DESC:   The customer wants to increase the size of /usr, but SMIT shows 
        a different value than the df command.
                The customer wants to increase /usr because of the uucp log that 
        resides there.  The customer will be doing a lot of transfers 
        for INFORMIX and knows the log will fill up.  

ACT:    The df command shows in 1 KB while SMIT shows the value in 1/2
        KB (512 byte blocks).  You should take the number of MB you want 
        to add to the filesystem, multiple it by 2048, and then add it 
        to the number you see in SMIT.

        If you prefer, you can clean up the uucp logfile rather than 
        keep increasing the size of the /usr/filesystem.  See the 
        uudemon.cleanu command in InfoExplorer for information on how
        to clean up the BNU spooling directories and log files.  This
        command deletes files in the spooling directories that are as
        old as, or older than, a specified number of days.

Support Line: Need to increase /usr: df & SMIT show different values ITEM: M8330L
Dated: October 1994 Category: N/A
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