System odm would be in corrupted state after reboot

Environment:  3.2.5  7013

Description:  Customer had 2 disks in the rootvg, hdisk1 and hdisk2.
  His error report indicated that hdisk1 was going bad.  He added a 
  new disk (hdisk0) to the system and to rootvg.

  He then tried to migrate hdisk1 to hdisk0.  This ran for about half 
  an hour then failed.

  He removed the disk and rebooted.  Upon reboot he gets errors:

        pvnotfnd \

        \ not in volume group \
        \ not in volume group \

        hdisk0 rootvg
        hdisk2 rootvg

        \#lsdev -Cc disk
        hdisk0 available
        hdisk2 available
        hdisk3 available
        hdisk4 available

        \#lqueryvg -Ptp hdisk2
        0000065674a4a482    -- matches hdisk2 from the lspv
        0000268905207a12    -- matches hdisk0 form the lspv

        \#lqueryvg -Ptp hdisk0
        same output as for hdisk2

        \#odmget -q name=hdisk1 CuAt
        nothing returned

        \#odmget -q name=hdisk1 CuDv
        nothing returned


        \#lsvg -o
        0516-304 error

        \#odmget -q value=\ CuAt
        this did return 1 entry.

        \#odmdelete -q value=\ -o CuAt
        1 object deleted.
        0516-304 error.

   Faxed customer the rvgrecover script and had him run it.

        \#mkboot -c -d /dev/hdisk2
        \#bosboot -ad hdisk2

        \#shutdown -Fr

   System now worked properly.

Support Line: System odm would be in corrupted state after reboot ITEM: BB8724L
Dated: March 1996 Category: N/A
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