ITEM: M4026L

Problem printing .sh_history because printing to PS queue

Desc:   Customer wanted to know if there was a way to print out a history of 
        events by root through a printer.

Action: The list of events by which root has done is /.sh_history.  The problem
        is how to print the file to the printer.  When the customer prints
        the file it prints diagonally down the page and stops after a few
        lines when the text runs off the page.


        Called Customer back and had her do a:
                cat /etc/qconfig | enq

        Customer said that the printout was, again, going diagonally down the
        page.  Customer noted that she could write down all of the commands
        that seemed important, but she would rather use the printer.


Everything else is printing fine.

People who are printing are printing from WordPerfect.

lsvirprt shows the 'd' attribute was = 's'.
This means that this queue is a Postscript queue.
Normally, there are several solutions
        1. Add an 'ascii' queue.  For a HP LaserJet 4 this is a 'pcl' queue.
        2. enscript -d ps_queue_name file, will convert to postscript
        3. qprt -da -P ps_queue_name filename also calls enscript automatically.
There no 'enscript' command, so we can't use qprt -da file or enscript

We found an ascii queue to a different printer.

Now since .sh_history is not straight ascii, it is probably best to
        cat -v .sh_history | qprt -Pasc
        strings .sh_history | qprt -Pasc

Support Line: Problem printing .sh_history because printing to PS queue ITEM: M4026L
Dated: September 1994 Category: N/A
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