configuring a post script printer,


How can I configure a Hewlett Packard Laser Jet 4si to print 
PostScript files from the manual feed?



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To get an HP Laser Jet 4si to print from the manual feed, follow the 
following steps:

1.  A backend program will need to be created.  The backend will take 
    the printer queue in question and combine it with the special device 
    file to produce the desired data stream that will be printed by the 

    For this example, the backend program is called /u/print/scripts/back.  
    This is the contents of the backend file:

    cat /u/print/psfile $1 |lp -dlp0

    The queue that the modified file goes to is the existing queue for the
    printer.  In this example, lp0 is the postscript queue that will get
    the modified print job.

    The file that this script refers to, /u/print/psfile, is a file that
    contains postscript commands that will tell the hp4si to take 
    paper from the manual feed.  This file is added to the beginning 
    of the file that is to be sent to the printer.  In doing so, the 
    printer will get the modified file, and will take the paper from the 
    manual feed tray.  The file /u/print/psfile contains the following 
    three lines:

    \<\> setpagedevice

    Once again, make sure that the typing begins at the leftmost column.

2.  Create a queue using the following procedure:

    1.  Issue the command "stopsrc -cg spooler" at the command prompt.
    2.  Edit the /etc/qconfig.  Go to the end of the file and add the 
        following lines:  

                device = manuald 
                file = FALSE
                header = never
                trailer = never
                access = both
                backend = /u/print/scripts/back

        "manuald" and "manual" can be replaced with any other name.  One 
        thing to be careful of is that you must make sure that the name 
        you put in place of "manual" is not already in the /etc/qconfig file.  
         Also, make sure that "manual" and "manuald" start at the leftmost 

    3.  After you have written the change to the /etc/qconfig file, issue 
        the command "startsrc -g spooler" from the command line.  This 
        will start the spooler.

If the application being used already converts the file to a postscript 
format, what would need to be done is change the queue that the 
application uses to this new queue, called "manual, in this example.  

If converting an ascii file to postscript is desired, the enscript command
can be used to queue the file to the manual feed queue:

           enscript -d manual filename

The file "filename" is the file that I want to print.

Now, when this prints, it should print from the manual feed.

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