SP: frequent mount requests for /home/loadl, why?

 PROBLEM: Customer had LoadLeveler running last year, but has quit
using it.  However, now he finds in the amd.log entries that indicate
that all of his thin nodes are attempting to mount /home/loadl from
his wide node (/home server) every five minutes.  What is causing this?
and how does he turn it off?

1) assuming Loadleveler is installed, and not configured
2) harmld will load a module called ll_resmon.ld 
        (part of LoadL.nfs fileset)
3) harmld will then use this module to call the llapi to determine
        the status of LoadL
4) Apparently this api will attempt to check the config file of LoadL
        (startd and schedd)
        (this is the step that will cause the request to /home/loadl)
        which then logs this to the errpt

All of this leads to the answer:
To get rid of the mount requests, one must de-install loadleveler
rather than simply unconfigure it.

Support Line: SP: frequent mount requests for /home/loadl, why? ITEM: HO7565L
Dated: September 1998 Category: N/A
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