DATAB/db2start hangs.

        AIX 4.1                 Model 7013
        DB2 V2.1

        Linda Thomasson

        DB2start hung last night and the process was cancelled 
  not receiving msg that the database was stopped abnormally.

        Checked for db2 processes (there were none), checked
  and cleaned out any ipc for the db2 instance.  db2start still
  hanging.  Checked permissions on /dev/null, /dev, 
  ~/sqllib/bin/db2licd and all appeared fine.

        Talked to customer.  Still unable to start db2 (ie.
  db2start hangs).  Checked permissions (and changed owners
  of /usr/lpp/db2_02_01/bin/* to root:bin), other appeared fine.
  Dropped the instance and then attempted to create a new
  instance and it (db2icrt) failed indicating a problem 
  creating bp/queue.

  Looked around and discoved that db2sysc was linked to db2sysc_41
  which indicates that DCE is/was installed.  Customer then indicated
  that DCE was installed but she removed it.

  relinked /usr/lpp/db2_02_01/bin/db2bp to db2bp_32
           /usr/lpp/db2_02_01/adm/db2sysc to db2sysc_32
           /usr/lpp/db2_02_01/lib/libddce.a to libddce_32.a

  were then able to create the instance (db2icrt), but db2start
  still hangs.

  Finally deinstalled db2 and reinstalled from 2.1.2 CD.
  Then created the instance and after about 2 1/2 minutes
  db2start completed.
        OK to close per customer.

Support Line: DATAB/db2start hangs. ITEM: CM1229L
Dated: November 1998 Category: N/A
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