ITEM: Y7421L

non-root printing problems to JetDirect queues

ENV:    325

DESC:   He can print as root but not as a regular user.
        message from queuing system: 0781-312 cannot open or
        stat files.

ACT:    Generally this is a permissions problem with a backend
        file. Checked piobe. It is fine.

        Is this happening on all queues? No, just the JetDirect
        Check permissions on piojetd and piohpnpf. They were also

        Try running piojetd from the command line.
        cat file | piohpnpf-x host
        message saying it can't open /dev/null.

        piojetd cats to /dev/null. Permissions on /dev/null were
        wrong. They allowed for only root to write to it.
        Changed these and now it works.

NEXT:   Ok to close.

Support Line: non-root printing problems to JetDirect queues ITEM: Y7421L
Dated: August 1995 Category: N/A
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