ITEM: D3021L

Problem with mail facility at 3.2.4


RISC systems on a Novell network running an application called ccmail
on the Novell server is having problems receiving mail to my RISC 
system which is the mail server.  It returns the errors:

     553 Local configuration error, hostname not recognized as local
     554 user@[] service unavailable

The only entry that has been modified in the file is the
DRRelayHostName macro which reads:


The hostname was incorrectly entered into the ODM.  ODME was used to
correct the hostname entry to be:

        inet0    hostname    colossus

IBM mail processes machine names and not Internet numbers at 3.2.4.

Support Line: Problem with mail facility at 3.2.4 ITEM: D3021L
Dated: September 1993 Category: N/A
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