problem with installing sp



AIX 4.1.4 PSSP 2.2


Customer is trying to install an new SP with 2.2 and is having problems.
He is on step 30 in entrying in node information.


Customer is trying to input the SP ethernet info for the nodes and
it is coming back with the error of 0022-046.

It is stating that it has no entry about the nodes in the SDR.
I then had the customer do a SDRGetObjects Syspar_map and that
gives us back just the headers and nothing else.  So I had the
customer reacquire the frame.  This did not populate the
SDR, and the Syspar_map still only gives us the headings and nothing

I then had the customer check to make sure that hardmon is running
and it is.

I then asked if the 13 AIX APAR's were installed prior to installing
the PSSP 2.2 code, and the customer was not sure.  I then had
him do a instfix -ik and found that the 13 APAR's were not installed.

This might be our problem.  I am going to order the following 
AIX APAR's:  IX54156, IX54318, IX56585, IX56821, IX56849, IX57036,
IX57164, IX57462, IX58039, IX58507, IX60335, IX60723, IX60742.

Customer installed the 13 APAR's and is still having the same problem.
He has totally re-installed AIX and PSSP and still can not get
splstdata -n to work, and can not do Step 30 of the install for
PSSP 2.2.

When we try to reacquire the frame it says okay, but does not
create the Syspar_map file or update the SDR.  We do a 
SDRGetObjects Frame and it says no switch, but we have a SPS switch
is in the frame.

I had the customer do a ps -ef | grep hardmon and it is running and
is not respawning.  Do a pdisable and it comes back with tty0 which
is correct.

I then had the customer check the back of the frame at the
supervisory card and light number 8 is flashing slow with
3 to 4 seconds between each flash.  Here is our problem.

We have a hardware problem, rather the RS232 cable is bad, or
we need to re-set the supervisory card.

Customer has had the hardware looked at and all is fine.  We can
even open a tty to the nodes.

Looked at spframe script and found that it calls
hmreinit script which runs creat_par_map which is the Syspar_map
file that should be created.

I then called the customer back and had him run SDR_config -u this
fixed the SDR, and when we now run SDRGetObjects Frame it states
that we do have a switch.

I then had the customer do a lssrc -s splogd and it is active.  In
doing our research we found that if splogd is not active spframe
will not run.  I then had the customer re-acquire the frame again
and this time it created a Syspar_map file.  I then had the
customer do a SDRGetObjects Syspar_map and we now have output
and it is correct.  I then had the customer run splstdata -n and
it comes back with the correct information about the nodes.

Support Line: problem with installing sp ITEM: BR2452L
Dated: January 1997 Category: N/A
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