lsvg vg_name yields "0516-028 lsvg: unable to open map file"

ENV:  RISC/6000 model C20
      AIX version 4.1.4

DESC:  Customer is having problems with his "rootvg" and "rootvg2"
       volume groups.

       If he runs "lsvg rootvg" or "lsvg rootvg2", it returns:

              0516-028 lsvg: unable to open map file.

ACTION:  Found that the customer has "rootvg" on hdisk0 and "rootvg2"
         on hdisk1.  We did a lsvg and lsvg -o and it listed
         rootvg and rootvg2.  An "lsdev -Cc disk" showed both drives
         (2.2GB IBM drives) as "available".  Did an lqueryvg on
         both drives and the VGDA's like fine as well, although an
         "lsvg -l rootvg" returns the same 0516-028 error.  A "df" command
         shows all his filesystems as mounted, and the %used is below
         90% on all of them.

         Ran "varyonvg rootvg2", but got:

              0516-028 varyonvg: unable to open internal map file

         A "lsvg -p rootvg2" returned the 0516-028 message.

         Attempted a "synclvodm -v rootvg", but got:

              0516-028 lqueryvg: unable to open internal map file
              0516-544 synclvodm unable to access volume group vg

         Inquired about the error report, but customer indicated that
         there was nothing in there.

         Had the customer cd to /etc/vg but he didn't have a vg subdirectory
         in /etc.  Had him do a "mkdir /etc/vg" and then a "redefinevg -d hdisk0

         Most LVM commands must access the files in this directory to get
         specific LVM information from a particular volume group. Not having
         the directory precludes being able to access any file in that directory,
         and thus the error about not being able to open the map file.

         Did a lsvg rootvg and it worked fine, so we tried it on
         rootvg2 and it worked as well.  Did an "ls -l in /etc/vg" and
         the vg files got recreated.

         Explained that someone had removed the /etc/vg subdirectory and that was
         why they were not able to run lsvg on the volume groups.

NEXT ACTION:  Customer agreed to close.  Item closed.

Support Line: lsvg vg_name yields "0516-028 lsvg: unable to open map file" ITEM: CE5474L
Dated: September 1996 Category: N/A
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