fgrep 0652-033: cannot find /blv/


  AIX 3.2.5
  RISC C10
  Customer was trying to do full system backups of two
  vgs and he received the message on both vgs when backing
  them up

        fgrep 0652-033:  cannot find /blv/

Action Taken:
  I had the customer run this command:
  grep -p /dev/hd5
I got back multiple filesystem stanzas
It only should have returned back one stanza for
hd5 and hd51 since the customer is mirroring rootvg.  

It appears to be some corrpution in the /etc/filesystems

I had the customer do this:
1.  cp /etc/filesystems /etc/
2.  vi filesystems
    inbetween each stanza should only be single blank
    line with no extra chars at all (tabs or spaces)
    I had the customer remove that line and readd it

This corrected the problem

Action Plan:
  Closing with customer approval

Support Line: fgrep 0652-033: cannot find /blv/ ITEM: BU5148L
Dated: February 1997 Category: N/A
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