ITEM: N5032L

Lan streamer card: Is is supported?


Lan streamer card: Is is supported on the RISC System/6000? 


ACT:  Per annoucment letter 194-325 dated October 4, 1994:

        The IBM Auto Token-Ring LANStreamer (TM) MC 32 Adapter is a     
        high-performance token-ring adapter designed to operate with any RISC
        System/6000 that supports the Micro Channel (R) bus interface.  RISC 
        System/6000 systems supported include all models of machine types
        7006, 7009, 7011, 7012, 7013, 7015, and 7030.

        Support is provided in AIX 4.1

Support Line: Lan streamer card: Is is supported? ITEM: N5032L
Dated: October 1994 Category: N/A
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