3174 TCP/IP stack.

QUESTION:  Is there a way to continue to use 3270 dumb terminals attached
        to a 3174 if there are plans to replace the mainframe with
        an RS/6000 if you want the 3270 terminals to access AIX
        applications on the RS/6000.
.ANSWER:  TCP/IP and Telnet support was added to 3174 in Config C,
Release 3.0.  It has been enhanced with the addition of TN3270 in
Release C6.0.  At that time, we also added TCP/IP Print capabilities
via LPD protocol.  In addition, the 3174 will respond to SNMP "get"
requests.  IP packets can flow over Token Ring, Ethernet, and Frame
.This TCP/IP stack will allow for people on 3270 dumb terminals attached
to a 3174 to have the above functionality to an RS/6000 running TCP/IP.
You can also use the SNA Application Access for AIX V1.2 product which
allows an RS/6000 to emulate a combined PU type 5 and PU type 4 and
supports applications migrated from an IBM mainframe.

highlights are:
 - support for AIX 4.1 (specifically 4.1.4)
   on both UP and SMP systems
 - addition of Ethernet (802.3) connectivity for both
   cross-domain and local-domain sessions
 - An automatic print spooler function that take print files
   from AIX queues and can then print to SNA-attached printers
   in the network.

Availability dates:
 May 3, 1996 for AIX V4.1 systems
 June 14, 1996 for AIX 3.2.5 systems

See announcement letter 296-160 for details.

Support Line: 3174 TCP/IP stack. ITEM: BI6862L
Dated: May 1996 Category: N/A
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