ITEM: F7801L

New system hangs after RPC.lockd is started.


Q: New system with  PC  as console hangs on boot in normal mode.  Will
   boot in maintenance mode.


We suspect that the problem is related to the emulator that he is using
on the PC.  If the emulation package does not provide the DTR line to
the port on RISC System 6000 getty will never send the login prompt to 
the console in normal mode.  For a maintenance  or diagnostic boot, this
does not matter because the boot screens are sent to the port regardless
of the state of DTR.

To get around this the SE needs to do the following steps:

1. boot into maintenance mode.
2. getrootfs \.
3. use smit to create an enabled tty, so the inittab file has an entry
   to run getty on tty0.
4. use smit to add clocal to the logtime and runtime attributes of the
5. make the console a file using the following steps:
   a. chcons -a login=disable
   b. chcons \
6. bosboot -a -d \
7. reboot the system into normal mode.

This solution will redirect all console messages to a file which is
easily viewed.  Unfortunately, the console cannot be changed to contain
clocal, although we did not try putting a runmodes or logmodes entry in
the /etc/consdef file.  This may also have worked.

We also could correct this problem by using a jumper box to tie up the
DTR line from the PC or terminal.

Support Line: New system hangs after RPC.lockd is started. ITEM: F7801L
Dated: February 1994 Category: N/A
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