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Help with executable nodes in Netview



AIX 3.2.5 
NV6000 V2.1 
Model 34H


I would like to set up an explodable icon to page a file.


These are the steps needed:

1) vi a file in the /usr/OV/registration/C directory called page_a_file.
Edit the file to look similar to this.  You can cut and paste from
the mailtool file if needed.

Application "Page a file"
{    Description {
        "Page the /etc/hosts file."

    Version "V3R1";

    Copyright {
      "Licensed Program Product:",
      "  NetView for AIX",
      "(C) COPYRIGHT International Business Machines Corp. 1994",
      "    All Rights Reserved",
      "US Government Users Restricted Rights - Use, duplication,",
      "or disclosure restricted by GSA ADP Schedule Contract with",
      "IBM Corp. and its licensors.",

     * Use -Shared so that only one instance of the process is executed.
        Action "pageafile"
{        Command -Shared "aixterm -e pg /etc/hosts";
Note1 : alternatively you can call a script and execute commands from 
there such as choose a particular file to look at etc...

2) select Edit --> Add --> Object --> choose Software from the symbol
classes --> choose the appropriate icon from the symbol subclasses -->
put this on the map using the middle mouse button to drag & drop it.

3) Type in a label & selection name.

4) Make the symbol executable by clicking on the Executable button.

5) Choose the page_a_file entry from the pop up selection.

Now you should be able to execute this icon!

Note2:  Customer was running NV V2.1 & we had numerous errors
from motif trying to execute the command so we set up a shell
script and changed the LIBPATH variable to use MotifV1.2 and
that worked fine.
Nxt : CACC

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