tar return code of 254


     AIX 3.2.5
     level of tar:  com/cmd/arch/tar.c, cmdarch, bos325, 9339325m

Desc:  Last night customer got a 254 return code back from the tar command.
       Customer wants to know what that means.

Action:  1.  errpt -a
             There are some TAPE and SCSI errors in the error report
         2.  customer was able to do another backup sucessfully

Tar return codes as documented in standards.h

\#define EXITOK    UNSCHAR(0)
\#define EXITWARN  UNSCHAR(1)    /* warning condition (1 - 037) */
\#define EXITERROR UNSCHAR(040)  /* error occurred (040 - 077) */
\#define EXITFATAL UNSCHAR(0100) /* fatal error occurred(0100-0177) */

/* specific errors */
\#define EXITEXEC  UNSCHAR(255)  /* exec failed */
\#define EXITBAD   UNSCHAR(254)  /* bad parameters, unopenable user file, etc*/
\#define EXITIO    UNSCHAR(253)  /* io error occurred */
\#define EXITFILE  UNSCHAR(252)  /* system file missing or in error */
\#define EXITSIGNAL UNSCHAR(251) /* signal received */
\#define EXITSPACE UNSCHAR(250)  /* program ran out of memory */
\#define EXITOTHER UNSCHAR(128)  /* program-specific error conditions (128+)*/

\#define EXIT_REASON(status) UNSCHAR(status)
\#define EXIT_VALUE(status)  UNSCHAR((status)>>8)
/* The exit reason value is defined as follows:
 * 0177 - means the child process stopped, EXIT_VALUE is the signal number
 * 0    - child exited, EXIT_VALUE is exit() code
 * >0   - signal number which caused child to terminate

Support Line: tar return code of 254 ITEM: AD0013L
Dated: November 1994 Category: N/A
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