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Locating Encina error messages

Encina error messages are located in 
/usr/lpp/encina/include/COMPONENT/COMPONENT_status.h files. Where "COMPONENT"
refers to (and should be replaced by) the Encina product that generated
the error. The logserver error codes (ENC-LOG-00xx) are located in 
/usr/lpp/encina/include/log/log_status.h file. 

The other Encina COMPONENTS that have similar status header files are:

COMPONENTS      Error Message Header File
Encina Executive (Encina Base, encExec.obj) Product 

tran    ENC-TRAN-00xx   /usr/lpp/encina/include/tran/tran_status.h
trpc    ENC-TRPC-00xx   /usr/lpp/encina/include/trpc/trpc_status.h
bde     ENC-BDE-00xx    /usr/lpp/encina/include/bde/dbe_status.h

Encina Server Product (encServ.obj)

log     ENC-LOG-00xx    /usr/lpp/encina/include/log/log_status.h
rec     ENC-REC-00xx    /usr/lpp/encina/include/rec/rec_status.h
vol     ENC-VOL-00xx    /usr/lpp/encina/include/vol/vol_status.h
lock    ENC-LOCK-00xx   /usr/lpp/encina/include/lock/lock_status.h
tmxa    ENC-TMXA-00xx   /usr/lpp/encina/include/tmxa/tmxa_status.h

Encina Structured File Server Product (encSfs.obj) (VSAM File Emulation)

sfs     ENC-SFS-00xx    /usr/lpp/encina/include/sfs/sfs_status.h

Encina Peer to Peer Executive (ppcExec.obj)

ppc     ENC-PPC-00xx    /usr/lpp/encina/include/ppc/ppc_status

Encina Monitor Product (encMon.obj) 

tpm     ENC-MON-00xx    /usr/lpp/encina/include/tpm/mon/mon_status.h

There are also some helpful utility programs located in 

translateError  - used to translate a Encina or DCE hex (0xXXXXXXXX) number to
the appropriate message.

interpretTrace - used to dump in a readable format the contents of an file. These files are generated when an Encina 
Server core dumps. It contains the contents of the Encina ring buffer.


Support Line: Locating Encina error messages ITEM: M0569L
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