7208-011 is not being seen by the system.


Model 370
AIX 4.1.4

trying to configure 7208-011- cfgsctape 0514-047 can not 
access a device 

   Env:  4.1.4, SP CWS (370 equivalent)
   Desc:  Caller can't get a 7208-011 tape drive recognized on his
        system.  He is getting the error 0514-047 cannot access the
        tape drive.
        7208-011 is a 5/10GB 8mm tape drive and is a SCSI-2 SE device.
   Action:  Adapter that caller is attaching to is the integrated
        SCSI-1 SE adapter.  The attachment of the 7208-011 should work.
        Caller also has hdisk0 and hdisk1 internally on this adapter
        at IDs 0 and 4.
        7208 is set at ID 3, this no SCSI ID conflicts.
        Sent a SCSI bus ping in Service Aids to ID 3, and no response.
        Caller has necessary device drivers, 'lsdev -Pc tape' lists the
        5GB tape drive.
        Told caller this indicates a hardware problem, either with
        cabling, or tape drive itself.  Caller will check with hardware.


Replacement tape drive configured immediately. Thanks for your help

Support Line: 7208-011 is not being seen by the system. ITEM: BQ4505L
Dated: November 1996 Category: N/A
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