Having problems printing mutiple files to a queue using wildcard

ENV: 560, 3.2.5

DESC: Customer is submitting a large number of jobs using a wildcard
character to a remote queue.  When they arrive on the client, it seems
to have lost? jobs.  What he sees is that there are fewer files on the
server than he submitted on the client.

They are submitted with a command like "lpr -P\ *"


What is happening is a limitation to the number of unique filenames
that lpd will create for a single job.  When the files are submitted
as above on the client, they have a single jobid, but get created
as separate files on the server.

The server keeps these files separate by changing a single character
in the filename.  It uses the lowercase and uppercase letters, the
numerical digits, and some symbols.  After about 70 files, it fails
to create a unique filename.

When this happens, the rembak program tries to start the enitre job
over again.  All this does is create another 70 files exactly the
same on the server and it fails in the same spot.  After this the
rembak program fails, and the client queue goes DOWN.

The solution here is to keep the wildcard submissions to \< 70 files.
An alternate solution would be to use a short script that would
submit each file seperately so that they are viewed as separate jobs.

Support Line: Having problems printing mutiple files to a queue using wildcard ITEM: AQ9705L
Dated: November 1995 Category: N/A
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