Haning on led 609 doing a network boot


  AIX 4.1.5
  RISC 43p-140 and 43p-240

Customer Rep:  Steyr-Motoren

  Customer is hanging on led 609 when booting over
  the network from a sysback network boot image

Action Taken:
  609 is failing to tftp the file
  /tftp/\.sbinfo on the server to the

  1.  Make sure the /tftp/\.sbinfo
      has these permissions: rwxr-xr-x
      At least it must have r-x permissions for other

  2. Do this on the server system again:
     smitty sb_cfgbootclient
     readd your client, make sure all the values are 

     smitty sb_cfgnetboot
     rebuild the boot image again

  3. Don't use leading zeros for the client, server and
     gateway IPaddresses in the clients sms menu.

Example in the clients sms menu where you fill in the
ipaddress for the client, server and gateway, if you have
a IPADDRESS like this it will cause 
problems if you do this:  the first 
bootp and tftp will work, but the other tftp will fail.  
In our case with a led 609. 

Getting rid of the leading zeros corrected the problem

Action Plan:
  Closing with customer approval

Support Line: Haning on led 609 doing a network boot ITEM: BV9215L
Dated: March 1997 Category: N/A
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