Unable to import a volume group on a shared drive.

Env: All versions of AIX   Multiple attach    All shared drives
     7135 7137 7131 7134 3514 7133 9333 9334 7204 


varyonvg fails with the following : volume group can't be varyed on 
         there are no good copys of the descriptor area.

importvg fails with : Unable to access the physical disk.


If you are using HACMP/6000, reference the sections that describe
logical volume management in the administration guide.

If you are using HANFS/6000, look up shared logical volume management
in info explorer.

If you are not using HACMP/6000, HANFS/6000, or some other high 
availability management software, you are running an unsupported
configuration.  See first page of the High Availability cabling
section of the Common Diagnostics Guide for supported configurations.

The following is used to recover from ODM corruption.

  1) Varyoff all the volume groups      : varyoffvg \       
  2) Remove all the hdisks associated   : rmdev -dl \ 
     with the shared drives.            :
  3) export all volume groups           : exportvg \    
     associated with the shared drives  :
     on all nodes.                      :
  4) Shutdown all the nodes             : shutdown -F

  5) Power off the nodes and the shared disk drive(s)
  6) Power on the shared disk drive(s)

     Perform the following steps on each node one at a time

  7) Power on  the node                 :                       
  8) Import the volume groups.  Make    : 
     sure the major number is the same  :
     on all nodes for each volume group.:

        smitty importvg
          VOLUME GROUP name            [ Volume Group ]
          PHYSICAL VOLUME name         [ HdiskX ]
          ACTIVATE volume group           yes
          Volume group MAJOR NUMBER    [ Major Number ]

  9) Set auto varyon to no.
         smitty lvm
        Volume Groups
        Set Characteristics of a Volume Group
        Change a Volume Group
        VOLUME GROUP name                               [ Volume Group ]
          Activate volume group AUTOMATICALLY                 no
             at system restart?
          A QUORUM of disks required to keep the volume       no 
             group on-line ?

 10) Varyoff all volume groups          : varoffvg \        

After all volume groups have been imported on every node then normal 
operation may continue.

Support Line: Unable to import a volume group on a shared drive. ITEM: BA4761L
Dated: October 1995 Category: N/A
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