IBM 3153 Locks Up.


In some of the 3153, there have been lockup problems that have
required the 3153 to have to be turned off to get them to work
again.   Support in Raleigh just gave me the following tip.

If the terminal is frozen, hit the sequence ctrl-shift-* 
NOTE: The * must be the asterisk on the keypad.
Then hit any key, and the terminal should be enabled again,.

This will happen a lot less if the screen saver is off.

This has been recognized as a microcode problem and is being
addressed.  Call the PC support line to get on the list to
get a new EPROM.

As of 11/08/95 the current number for 3153 support is
1-800-772-2227, Options 4, 4, & 5.  This is subject to change
without notice.

Support Line: IBM 3153 Locks Up. ITEM: BB6517L
Dated: November 1995 Category: N/A
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