How can I set X.25 T10 and T12 timers?


My network provider wants me to set the T10 and T12 Timers, but these don't
show these as options in the SMIT menus.  They said this has to do with restarting
a connection, so you're wondering if "Automatic Link Restart" in the General
Parameters menu is the same thing.


I found these parameters in the CCITT X.25 1984 Red Book.  In Annex D
section, entitled "Packet level DCE time-outs and DTE time-limits"
there's a figure labeled "DCE Time-outs".  The timers are T10 thru T13
and the associated logical channel states are r3, p3, d3, and p7,
respectively.  The next figure, entitled "DTE Time-limits," documents
T20 thru T23, which are for logical channel states r2, p2, d2, and p6.
(These states are listed in section E.3.2 of the AIX V3 X.25 Communications 
Cookbook -- GG24-3692-01.)

Thus, the T10 and T12 timers relate only to DCEs and, as such, have no
place in the RISC/6000s menus. When the DCEs timers expire, they
simply issue a Restart (T10) or Reset (T12) which the RISC/6000 (the DTE)
understands and can, thereby, issue the correct response. Therefore,
the only way the RISC would have such timers would be if we offered a
software package (similar to XI for the 3745) that allowed us to be a
full function DCE in the network.

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