DB2/6000 -How do I set the date format to ISO not IBM after DB restor

  DB2 v2.1 w/ U439272

  Before I stared rebuilding this database the dateformat
  was defaulting to ISO format (yyyy-mm-dd) now it is using
  IBM-USA format (mm/dd/yyyy).  How can I change this back?

  On page 98 of the installation guide is a list of country
  codes and there corresponding date formats.  To set this
  you have to set the territory setting at the create DB time.
  This is done by setting the LANG variable in the instance env.
  However,  to get the country code you want you have to use 
  a Code Page which not valid in the USA.  (ie. its a catch 22).

  You have the option of creating the DB via an API in which you
  pass all this information or rewriting your code for the 

  You are going to write an API to set the Code page and country 
  code to what you need them.

  The before mentioned API is found on page 66 of the API Reference 

C API Syntax
   /* FILE: sqlenv.h */
    sqlecrea (
        char * pDbName,
        char * pLocalDbAlias,
        char * pPath,
        struct sqlebdesc * pDbDescriptor,
        struct sqledbcountryinfo * pCountryInfo,
        char Reserved2,
        void * pReserved1,
        struct sqlca * pSqlca);

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