bootptab - sa, ds


 Can you provide more information on the sa, and ds 
 fields which are used in the bootptab file.


Here is the information requested on each tag:

1) SA tag :
   The SA tag was put in because to solve problems with bootservers with
 multiple network interfaces.  The SA tags lets bootpd daemon know which
 interface to tell the bootserver to send its packets. 

2) DS tag :
 This is the domain nameserver tag. You can specify a second
second domain server after the first one by separating it with
white space( regular space or tab). 
(example :ds= )

Note that source code for bootpd is provided as part of AIX in the
directory /usr/lib/dwm/bootp.

Support Line: bootptab - sa, ds ITEM: AC3985L
Dated: October 1994 Category: N/A
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