HOWTO AIX: How to add additional TCP/IP interfaces to an ATM adapter.


I am trying to configure a Turobways 155 ATM adapter in a 
RISC System/6000 running AIX V 4.1.4.

I understand that multiple TCP/IP network addresses can be 
configured on a single ATM adapter.  Unfortunately, I don't
understand how to fill in the SMIT menu.  Can you help with
a sample?


Yes.  Here's a look at a sample SMIT menu and some notes on 
filling in the data.

             Add an ATM Network Interface

  Internet Address      []
  Network Mask          []
  Network Interface     [at0]  \<--- free key field
  Connection Type       [pvc]  \<--- options: svc_c, svc_s, pvc
  ATM Server Address    [ ]    \<--- for svc_c connections only!
  Alternate Device      [atm0] \<--- ATM adapter name (free key)
  Idle Timer            [60]
  Activate Interface    [yes]
     after creating it?

Notice that the network interface value is a free key area.  Up
to 64 interfaces (numbered in hex as at0 through at3f) can be
created on a single system.  Because it is a free key field,
users may elect to add the interfaces in a chronological or 
random order, or they may choose to reserve number ranges for
each adapter.  The ability to configure multiple IP addresses of
a single interface type and on a single adapter is unique to the
ATM driver.  Each TCP/IP interfaces on a RISC/6000, regardless
of the network type, must be defined for a unique IP subnet.  In
our example, a second interface could be defined as,
but would be invalid.

Each interface must be configured as either PVC, svc_c (SVC
Client system), or svc_s (for the SVC Server system).  The ATM
Address for an SVC Server is required only for SVC Client 
systems.  Leave this field blank for pvc or svc_s systems.

The "Alternate Device" is the name of the physical adapter.
Currently, two ATM adapter (regardless of speed) are supported
in a single system.  Thus, the options are atm0 or atm1.

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