ITEM: E0092L

Cannot get gateway for Encina stopped.


The environment is this: CICS/6000, DCE, Encina and SNA.  I am using
SNA to do gateway processing (PPC)  for Encina from an RS/6000 to
CICS on a mainframe.  We are connected through  the 4 port mpqp using  a
dedicated line.  When I try to stop the gateway using the command
"ppcadmin stop server"  I get the following error:

ENC-ppc-007 :  allocation failure, transaction scheduler failure.

I am at AIX level 3.2.4 and SNA is @ 1.2.0101.0315


It is required to dce_login as cell_admin in order to stop the PPC 
Gateway Server. If the server does not stop, use the "-force" option 
with the "ppcadmin stop server" command. Also, make sure the 
ENCINA_GWY_SERVER environment variable is set or use the 
"-server servername" option for the ppcadmin command. 
If the -server servername option is not used,
the ppcadmin command will look for the variable.

Support Line: Cannot get gateway for Encina stopped. ITEM: E0092L
Dated: October 1993 Category: N/A
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