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Unable to read DOS Wordperfect diskettes


I am using AIX 3.2.5 with PIC running on top of AIX.  I would 
like to convert from DOS WordPerfect to AIX Wordperfect.  But,
I don't have the DOS utilities (bosext2.dosutil.obj) on my system.
I have been trying to install the Base Operating System 
Extensions 2 (bosext2.obj) from my install tape but every time
it fails.  Can you help?

So far I have had the install fail on me with these errors:

   Installation failed because of a lack of pre req. 

But, lslpp -p bosext2.dosutil.obj indicates there are no prereqs for the
DOS Utilities.

It also failed with:

  1800-035 exit status (142) returned by command
  (command process used stdout and sterr file connected to smit 
   through pipes)


The problem was actually low paging space.  You increased the paging 
space by 12MB and you were able to install bosext2.dosutil.obj
without any more problems.

Support Line: Unable to read DOS Wordperfect diskettes ITEM: H8825L
Dated: March 1994 Category: N/A
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