ITEM: S0702L

Backing-up and restoring Netview/6000 maps.

Q: Customer would like to know how to backup one of two maps.   Also, 
he would like to know how to delete this map from the system.


Following are the processes for backing-up, deleting and restoreing
a Netview/6000 map.  My tests here at work show these procedure to
be valid.  The key is not starting the map immediately after recreating
it.  If you do start the map, a new map will be created over the 
information that you just restored. 


To backup and delete a map:

1) Start Netview/6000.

2) Copy the map information to a temporary location.
   cp -R /usr/OV/databases/openview/mapdb/\ /tmp/\
3) Delete the map from Netview/6000.

    IP MAP
        Delete Map...
    Select the map.
    Select Delete.

4) Backup the map information to tape.

   tar -cvf/dev/rmt0 /tmp/\

To restore a map:

1) Start Netview/6000.


2) Load the map information from tape.

   tar -xvf/dev/rmt0 /tmp/\
3) Copy the map information into the Netview/6000 directory.

   cp -R /tmp/\ /usr/OV/databases/openview/mapdb/
4) Create a new map.

       New Map...
   Enter \
   Select OK.
   *** !Do NOT load the new map at this time! ***
   Select Cancel when asked to load the new map.

5) Open the map.

       Open Map...
   Select \ from list.
   Select Open Map. 


How to prevent the tool pallete and navigation tree from loading upon
the startup of Netview/6000:


OVw*toolPalettePresent:         True   \<-- Change to False
OVw*navTreePresent:             True   \<-- Change to False

These are the Xdefaults that should be modified to keep the toolbar
and the navigation tree from appearing when you startup NetView/6000.
You can make these changes in the file listed above, or you can
add these defaults to your personal Xdefaults file.

Support Line: Backing-up and restoring Netview/6000 maps. ITEM: S0702L
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