ITEM: L6537L

59H can't install using a Fast and Wide SCSI adapter

   Env: AIX 3.2.5
   RISC: 59H
   SCSI ADAPTER:  Fast and Wide.
   TAPE: 3.2.5p SPO (This tape contains the device support for the 
                     Fast and Wide SCSI adapter)

Customer ordered the 59H with a backup tape and no  pre-load, 
therefore were trying to install from the backup (bootable) tape
shipped with the system.  

This would not install because U429285 is a prereq for the install, 
but you can't get the prereq on without installing the system . . Hmmm?

They went through the process described in gorey detail in this item,
but do not feel secure that the installation is a good one.  They would
like IBM Austin to ship them a 'mksysb' created from a 380, 390, or
59x, which is generic.  


When they received the system in July, the customer inadvertantly blew
away the preload.  They then tried to install with the backup tape
(bootable) ordered from IBM.  The system hung.  The customer did not
have the LED which the system hung on.  A customer engineer came in
and attached the 2.4GB drives to a SCSI-2 controller and the system
booted fine.  They restored their bootable backup.  The C.E. then 
switched the drives back to the SCSI-2 F&W at which time the LVM
kernel group had to get involved in order to redefine odm correctly.
During this process, the customer is now convinced they do not have
a system they can trust.  They would like to have an install tape
shipped to them so they can re-load the system.  They do not feel
they should have to pay for the tape since they already paid for the
backup tape which does not work.  They are down waiting for a response.


Called Dan and told him he had two choices:
        1)  Call Atlanta (IR Center) and have them order an AIX SPO
            base on the problem description.
        2)  Send the original tape back to the factory and have them
            re-ship to current level 3.2.5.

Dan said he would call Boulder because he has had good results from


To review.  This 59H has a SCSI-2 F&W with 2.4GB drives.

Dan called in after his customer received the "new" bootable 3.2.5 
install tape.  The system boots and begins the install but freezes with
the last file showing as: /usr/lib/lpd/pio/predef/4224.asc.

This needs to be a Severity 1 call and a PMR opened back up on it.
The customer is quite upset that this hasn't been resolved.  Dan and Mike 
need to be called right away with a plan as to how this will be resolved. 


 Checked with the install group who confirmed that they have encountered        
 this problem before with the SCSI2-Fast/Wide adapter hanging the               
 installation at /usr/lib/lpd/pio/predef/4224.asc . They were able to           
 resolve this problem moving the hardrive and tape drive to another scsi        
 adapter (adapter that is not the SCSI Fast/Wide code name CORVETTE).           
 Customer have contacted IBM-SERV to have the CE either install a new           
 card or place a Microcode upgrade ( ECA 163 ). Contacted Dan Classen           
 with the update. It is OK to lower severity and place pmr in inactive          
 state. Customer may re-activate this pmr by calling the software support.

Support Line: 59H can't install using a Fast and Wide SCSI adapter ITEM: L6537L
Dated: August 1994 Category: N/A
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