Cannot run as root


    SP2   -   Loadleveler v1.2.0.1  -   PSSP release 1.2


When the customer uses the "llsubmit" command, he gets the error:

        SUBMIT:  root cannot run a loadleveler job.

If his userid is loadl then the llsubmit will work fine but it fails
for root and anyone else.  Customer is able to telnet to other nodes
and access his directory.  


Root cannot run a LoadLeveler job because llsubmit does not allow a user to
submit jobs from users with effective uid or gid of 0.  In this case, the 
customer userid had a primary group id of 0.  Mail was sent to the user 
complaining about unable to open stdout.  Loadl's home directory is
local to all the nodes.  Customer had set initialdir to /home/loadl/LL
but it was only defined in the home directory on the submitting node.  
So when loadl tried to run the program on another node it returned the error
that it could not open stdout.  Setting his group id to another
group resolved the problem and llsubmit worked without complaining.

Support Line: Cannot run as root ITEM: AH7536L
Dated: June 1995 Category: N/A
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