netview smit gives "not found" messages

clear log files, or resolve things beteewn two databases


   Env: AIX 3.2.5
        Netview 3.1.1
   Desc: Customer is attempting to clear his logs and sync up his
databases through smit, and he is getting the following errors:

    ovstop: not found
    ovtopofix: not found
    ovstart: not found

   Action: This appears to be a problem with the script.  I had the
customer check his /usr/OV/bin/nv6000_smit script, and I also checked
ours here.  In these two areas (clearing log files and syncing 
databases), the commands are run without a full path behind them.  I 
had the customer do the following:

  echo $PATH

He does not have /usr/OV/bin or . in his path.  I had the customer do
the following:

  vi /etc/profile
  Go to the bottom, right above the line that starts with "export"
  add the following lines:
    export PATH

After this, it worked fine.
   Next Action: Customer agrees to close call.



Support Line: netview smit gives "not found" messages ITEM: BA4731L
Dated: October 1995 Category: N/A
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