Sysback overwriting / and / files


  AIX 4.2.1
  RISC 590

  Customer states she has a file /  that                      
  mksysb uses for Cloning purposes that is getting                        
 changed everytime she run's the Backup Utility Sysback.                 
 Customer feel's that sysback is changing the setting's                  
 back to their default setting's.     
 I will need to do research this issue and follow up                      
 with the customer.                                                       
Acion Taken:
 Sysback overwrites the customers / and                      
 / file with the default file in /var/adm/ras                   
  This should only occur if the file does not exist in /                  
  This was done only to keep the mkinsttape command from                  
  failing since it requires those files.                                  
 Fixed with sysback.rte                                           

Support Line: Sysback overwriting / and / files ITEM: HD0716L
Dated: July 1998 Category: N/A
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