Problem with ADSM, error message ADSM_DD_LOG2

  AIX 4.1.4

We are not able to make a tape drive available.  It was available
at boot time, and now suddenly is defined.  We are seeing these
errors in the errpt:

         ADSM_DD_LOG2    ID: 5680E405
         PERM error
         LB1 Device  
         LOC:  00-05-01-6,0

ADSM has started up and taken control of the rmt device, it creates
a corresponding 'mt' device that is Available.  All you need to do
is make the 'mt' device defined and then you can make the 
'rmt' available again.

The above message is created when you try to write to the 'rmt' 
device while ADSM has control of it in this way:

rmdev -l mt0
mkdev -l rmt0

This makes rmt0 available, when finished run:

rmdev -l rmt0
mkdev -l mt0

Support Line: Problem with ADSM, error message ADSM_DD_LOG2 ITEM: BQ9789L
Dated: November 1996 Category: N/A
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