Is there driver available for HPDeskJet 1600CM? No but!


M: j40
Q: Trying to get an hp desk jet 1600C printer to work


env:    model j40 @ 4.1.5. HPDeskJet 1600cm

desc:   is there driver available for the 1600cm?

Response Customer was sent a diskette with an unsupported
set of colon files.  She was able to print PCL, but PostScript
gave her errors.

sent /usr/lib/lpd/pio/burst/
        it printed but got error right before it printed
        error: undefined
        offending command
        had her send an infoexplorer document and it printed but
        again got above error print out right before
        Since the commands are coming before the job they
        are coming from the "ci" attribute.  We can clean
        this up by making sure the ci attribute only contains
        a PJL Reset command and an Enter PostScript Language
        Command.  Actually we could talk the customer through
        this a lot easier than sending a diskette.

To get rid of extra PJL commands we will blow this
sucker apart.


Change the output to contain only two lines:

Command To Initialize the Printer
ci = %IpU%?%G_j%{2}%=%t%IpL%e%I[pL,pR]%;%IpU\\012

 %IpU          INCLUDE: (Reset command)

cr is ok it sends \\4%IpU  (EOF and a reset).

Test Printing a PostScript File:
Printing the ipmap from Netview:
This printed in color with no problems.

Customer has 12.5 MB of PostScript Memory is this printer.

NEXT: Close Call, Customer said "That makes me happy".

Support Line: Is there driver available for HPDeskJet 1600CM? No but! ITEM: CK1683L
Dated: February 1997 Category: N/A
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