ITEM: I5753L

Trying to reorganize my rootvg volume group.


I go into "smitty vgsc", select "Reorganize a Volume Group", select vg
name "rootvg", and then try and list logical volumes by pressing F4.
I receive the following error message:

       0516-310  lsvg: unable to define attribute
                 lock in device configuration

I canceled out of that and just typed in the logical volume which was
hd3.  I received two errors:

       0516-968  unable to reorg volume group

       0516-306  getlvodm:  unable to find unable
                 in device configuration database

What is the problem?


You have two hard drives in your rootvg.  These are hdisk0 and hdisk1.
To see if there are any inconsistancies between the ODM and the
Volume Group Descriptor Area (VGDA), run:       

   \# lqueryvg -Atp hdisk0 

This listed 3 physical disks belonging to the Volume Group (VG) 
instead of just two.

   \# lspv                 

This listed 2 physical disks.  The lspv command gets its information
from the ODM so we know that the ODM is correct and we need to 
correct the VGDA that is out on the hard drives.  You compared the
PVIDs of the drives from the lspv command and the lqueryvg command
and found the PVID that should not be there.  Then, to delete that
information out of the VGDA, run:
   \# ldeletepv `getlvodm -v rootvg` -p \
     -> where the PVID in this case was the one that needed to
        be deleted
   \# reorgvg rootvg LVname LVname

We received the following errors:

  0516-304:  getlvodm unable to find device id \
  0516-633:  reorgvg logical partitions have staled copies

To see if a filesystem might be causing the problems and to delete
any information about that phantom drive from the ODM, we did:

  \# lsvgfs rootvg 

  \# odmdelete -q "value like '\*'" -o CuAt
  0518-307:  odmdelete 1 objects deleted

Your ODM and your VGDA are both correct now.  The reorgvg command 
now worked.  Type "savebase" to save the changes we have done to
your system.

Support Line: Trying to reorganize my rootvg volume group. ITEM: I5753L
Dated: June 1994 Category: N/A
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