Creating mirrored dump devices at 4.1


Env:    4.1.2, model c10.

Desc:   Customer has the documentation on mirroring rootvg at version
        3.2 of AIX, and wants to know if there are any changes to
        how the dump device was implemented at 4.1, since he sees
        no logical volume hd7.  Since there currently is no 
        documentation available for mirroring rootvg at 4.1, are the
        steps the same, or what changes have been made?

Action: At 4.1, the default dump device is hd6, designed this way to
        reduce the amount of space needed for the operating system.
        Since the customer would like to mirror the dump device, he
        will need to create a primary and secondary dump device in 
        the rootvg.

        Use these steps to create two new dump devices:

        Estimated dump size:
        \# sysdumpdev -e

        Create two dump devices:
        \# mklv -y hd7 -t sysdump -a e rootvg \ hdisk0
        \# mklv -y hd71 -t sysdump -a e rootvg \ hdisk1

        Set pointers:
        \# sysdumpdev -Pp /dev/hd7
        \# sysdumpdev -Ps /dev/hd71

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Support Line: Creating mirrored dump devices at 4.1 ITEM: AL7434L
Dated: August 1995 Category: N/A
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