Restoring rootvg from sysback and getting led C03.

 PROBLEM: When trying to restore rootvg, the system hangs on a b03 led.  
          As soon as activity on the tape drive begins it hangs.

Even though the sysback backup ran correctly, it was missing the second image.
The size of /usr/sbin/mkinsttape is 0, we need to get this file from
somewhere else.  Somehow this file got zeroed out and it completes
successfully without actually doing anything.

Here is some information about this problem:

Here is the code from /usr/lpp/sysback/boot/sysinit

        tctl -f /dev/$BOOTDEV rewind || loopled 0xb01
        tctl -f /dev/$BOOTDEV.1 fsf 1 || loopled 0xb02
        restbyname -xqSf/dev/$BOOTDEV.1 || loopled 0xb03

tctl status  --- block size is 512
tctl fsf 1
restore -Tvqf /dev/rmt0.1

The archive is not in backup format.

So the tape is not made correctly.

We start the backup again and watch it.

sysback -f /dev/rmt0

Generating volume group information...
Placing boot image on tape ..
      bosboot: Boot image is 6145 512 byte blocks. 
          6144+2 records in. 
          6145+0 records out. 
Placing Install Image on Tape ..  
Placing Sysback programs on tape.. --- this came immediately after
 the previous message and there was no 'dd' output 

/usr/sbin/mkinsttape was zeroed out.  We copied it over from another system and then it
ran correctly.

Support Line: Restoring rootvg from sysback and getting led C03. ITEM: HX5460L
Dated: December 1998 Category: N/A
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