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How can I rename a group of files?


I have about 1000 files with the extension of .DST.  I want to change
that extension as .dst.  These files are in the same directory.  And
they do have different names at the beginning of the filename.  Is 
there a way to do this?

This will accomplish the renaming of the files:

$ cd \
$ ls *.DST | sed 's/\\([\^.]*\\)\\.DST/mv \\1.DST \\1.dst/' | sh -v

The stream editor will search for all files that do not begin with a
dot and have the extension "DST."  The file name, minus the extension,
will be stored in a temporary register "1". The contents of that register
will be everything set off by \\(...\\). Next, sed will replace each line
of input with a new line that contains "mv \.DST \.dst"
and then pipe it to the sh command where it will be executed. The -v 
option simply says, execute this in verbose mode so I can see what's 

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