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Questions about new MP/A single port adapter


I am looking at announcement letter 193-200.  It talks about the new
multi-protocol communications adapter and mentions Multi-Protocol
Adapter Connectivity software.  It does not give a feature code for
this software.  How can I order the software that goes with this?


The device driver for the 1 port Multiprotocol Adapter (mpa) is what
is being referenced as the additional software and is not included
with AIX 3.2.4 (although AIX 3.2.4 is required to support the
adapter).  The device driver is 5756-0137  BOTC MULTIPROTOCOL ADPT.

SNA Services/6000 does support the 1 port MPA but it is not stated in
the announcement letter.  An revised/supplemental announcement letter
is planned.

Support Line: Questions about new MP/A single port adapter ITEM: D3178L
Dated: October 1993 Category: N/A
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