Boot up problems on 7043-140 after adding memory.

 ENV:          4.1.5 7043 43P 140

 PROBLEM:      System hangs at F05 LED after adding memory.
               If the system has more than 512MB then the system hangs

 ACTION TAKEN: Checked the level of firmware on the failing system and
               found that it was TIG97009a, which was down level.
               Downloaded the latest firmware level; will install it on
               the system to determine if this gets us past the 512MB
               limit and F05 failure.  Continuing to search to see if
               there are any software issues with this.....
               Could find no software limitation or ptf's.

               The new firmware did not fix the problem of more than
               512MB of memory being accepted.  Kingston memory is being
               used in the 140.  Got the part numbers for the OEM memory
               for 128 DIMMs from Kingston Technology:  KTM-43P/128
               bar code 7-40617-02072-4.

               Depending on the version of firmware currently installed
               on the system, the upgrade to the latest may fail if there
               is >256MB installed in the system.  So if when following
               the upgrade process it stops with LED=F1D (i think???)
               then remove enough memory to get the installed
               configuration to \<=256Mb.

               Engineering has talked to the OEM mfg. Kingston and found
               that they have 3 different kinds of 128MB DIMMs, and they
               feel that the wrong ones may be installed in the 140.
               They are going to talk to them about exchanging and work
               the problem out. It appears to be the oem mfg company's
               problem at this time.
                Customer has confirmed that if they use IBM 128MB DIMMs
               they have no problem running more that 512MB.  The
               problems occured because they had Kingston OEM DIMMs
               which had a fault in them that Kingston is looking into
               now. Kingston 64mb DIMMs did work ok.

ACTION PLAN:   Closing with Approval

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