q: boot install a node - questions

Env:    AIX 4.1.4  PSSP 2.1.

Desc:   Customer cannot get his setup_server to run clean.  He receives
the error complaining about a boot device.

Action: I found that he was trying to install from the CWS which is
setup on a seperate subnet than node 16.  I had him make room for the
image for the node on node1 which is his boot/install server for the
nodes.  Then I had him set the node to install, and the image was
pushed out durring the running of setup_server.  He then did a netboot
of the node16, and all was well.

Desc: Node install hangs on 623.

Action: Researched several items and found that existence of
         /etc/niminfo file can cause this problem. Also, saw where it
      could be inferred that having a mksysb made from a node that has
      rootvg mirrored may cause this problem. Customer removed rootvg
     mirror and /etc/niminfo from node 15 and is making another mksysb.
     He will try to reinstall with the new mksysb and call back if he
     has any problems. 

Support Line: q: boot install a node - questions ITEM: CH0569L
Dated: January 1997 Category: N/A
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