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How to setup RISC to microVAX printing


I have a 4039 printer on the
MicroVAX 3100 and I would like to print from the RISC to the VAX.  How
do I set it up?


AIX 3.2.3E, 
Not Ultrix - DEC VAX VMS (uVax)
VAX VMS OPEN supports lpd, so gave hime instructions assuming
that it does.  Send FAX howto_SETUP_REMOTE_PRINTING.


Got VAX setup so lpstat works

0781-228 Could not send datafile, /var/spool/qdaemon/jobname
         Errno 9, file descriptor does not refer to an open file.
         /usr/lpd/rembak -S gilmanvax -Pibmlaser -N /usr/lpd/bsdshort

This says that VAX cannot create a file, but we will run a trace
to make sure data is getting to the VAX.

cd /tmp
iptrace -p printer -a -b  -s gilmanibm -d gilmanvax trace.out
ls -l | lp -dremq
ps -ef | grep lpt
kill 22054       ! kill iptrace
ipreport trace.out > report.out
local queue - down
remote queue QUEUE_STATUS


Customer FAXED his iptrace report to me.  The indicated the following:

Packet to VAX     flags \      data->020405b4 -> |...|
Packed from VAX   flags \  data->020405b0 -> |...|
Packet to VAX     flags \      NO DATA
Packet to VAX     flags \   data->02..0a   -> .IBMLASER.
        This sends the remote queue name.
Packet from VAX   flags \       NO DATA
Packet from VAX   flags \    data=01    (On mine this was 00)
        This could indicate an error, not clear if this should be 00.
Packet to VAX     flags \    data=03..  ->3499 dfA780gilmanibm        
        This sends the file name to the queue.
Packet from VAX   flags \    NO DATA
        This is the end of the job canceled by the VAX.
Packet to VAX     flags \         NO DATA
Packet to VAX     flags \    NO DATA


IBM4039 laserprinter hooked to back of VAX is now printing.

The printcap on the VAX was set up incorrectly, they needed
to have a directory setup in printcap with the queue name
for the termporary file.
Read the VAX manual.   Key seems to be setup of printcap file
correctly.  Customer said this is well documneted in the VAX

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