error from remote queues write to user, how to send mail instead.

ENV: AIX 4.1.2

DESC: Customer has many systemsthat print from worldwide to
a RISC system.  One of these is a VM system.

When a job is cancelled, by a system crash or someone with printq
authority, a message gets sent back to the VM batch system.

These are all remote queues.  They have many systems that
print to queues on the RISC (remote queues, with and without
virtual printers).  Whenever messages are supposed to go back
to the submitting system, they want them mailed instead of a
"write" system call.  How do I change this to become a default 


It looks like qdaemon will attempt to do the write if possible for
a remote queue.  If the client user is logged on it will attempt
to use writesrv to notify him.  If however, that user has turned
off messages with "mesg n", then he will be mailed.

Therefore there are three workarounds for him:
1) turn off the writesrv daemon on the client or server
        (not really a good option)
2) deny messages for the user on the client
        - with something equivalent to "mesg n" on AIX.
3) submit from a user that is not logged on
        - for example a user that people only "su" to

Support Line: error from remote queues write to user, how to send mail instead. ITEM: BB1716L
Dated: November 1995 Category: N/A
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