SNA Services/6000 V1.2 support

AIX SNA Services has been withdrawn from marketing and support
per announcement 294-385 of 940621
We no longer sell this option on the contract since all of our info
says that SNA Services was withdrawn from support 12/31/95.  
Defect support was withdrawn on this software, but as far as "how to" 
support, they still answer questions for existing SupportLine contracts.
Per my meeting this morning with Mike Buick and Dave Fuson: Support
for SNA services was withdrawn 12/31/95. We will support currently
registered users until their anniversary date. If they wish support
after that date, they must acquire and convert their service to the
SNA Server product or request support on SNA Services on a special bid
only basis. This is consistent with IBMs Software Currency Support
stated in announcement letter 695-011 Dtd. 09/26/95.


Closing with Customer Approval

Support Line: SNA Services/6000 V1.2 support ITEM: BE8703L
Dated: March 1996 Category: N/A
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