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How can I commit a level in CMVC


How does a user with "projectlead" authority commit a level within a


A "projectlead" as defined in the default authority configuration has
LevelCommit authority.  However, that projectlead must also own the
release to which the level belongs.  The release owner does not
necessarily have to own the _level_ (which later allows the developer
to extract that level) but must own the release.

Testing under CMVC 2.2 indicates that various object owners do not
affect the ability to make changes, as long as the proper authority
has been granted to the individual users.

Will call back to discuss the required steps with the customer.


Customer was dealing with a release that was associated with the CMVC
root component.  This component had not other users identified as
having any authority; only superuser can perform actions within that

I suggested they create a new component/branch in their family,
associate the test release with that componenet, and add users with
required authority to that component rather than root.  Frank
understood the details of the situation and said he would go discuss
the organization with the family administrator.

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