socket: All ports in use


ENV: AIX 4.1.4, TCP/IP, rsh rlogin
DESC: in a benchmarking scenario, trying to establish 2000 rlogin
sessions from a TCP/IP client to a TCP/IP server (client and server
are same host in our case, but would not necessarily have to be).
We get up to 507 or 508 connections, and then begin to fail with
the message

"socket: All ports in use"

ACT: turns out there is a hardcoded limit on client port number
that rlogind (server daemon) will accept connections from:  Per 

1.      The rlogind daemon checks the source
        port number for the request. If the port
        number is not in the range 512-1023, the
        rlogind daemon terminates the connection.

By contrast, telnetd accepts connections from clients using
any available port number, but I have no way to automate the
passing of userid and password into a telnet session at the

Our remedy was to drive approximately 500 rlogin sessions
from each of 4 client systems to the server system.

Support Line: socket: All ports in use ITEM: BF6412L
Dated: September 1996 Category: N/A
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