/usr/sbin/mkvg[308]: chdev: not found


  AIX 4.1.4
  RISC J30
  Tape 4mm 2gb

  A customer remove a disk and added a new disk to rootvg.
  The customer booted from tape and tried to reinstall from tape
   When they were trying to restore they got this error message:

  Making rootvg volume group on disks: hdisk3
  0516-796 mkvg:  Making hdisk3 a physical volume.  Please wait.
  /usr/sbin/mkvg[308]: chdev: not found
  0516-862 mkvg:  Unable to create volume group.
        Error creating rootvg - using defaults

   Same error messages as above.

   It appears this problem will always occur when the disk does 
   not have a pvid  (pity)

  How was this handled at sysback 3?

 Was there a chdev command at sysback 3?

CLOSED by tj on 04/27/97 23:06:
Fixed in \#

Sysback verison 3 did a chgdisk command on all disks before we 
ever a attempted to make the VGs. This prevented the need for 
the mkvg command to run chdev later. This was omitted from 
version 4 inadvertently because the prior scripts "sysrvg" 
and "sysuvg" were combined into a single script "sysmakevg" 
that failed to include this step.

Support Line: /usr/sbin/mkvg[308]: chdev: not found ITEM: DD0888L
Dated: July 1997 Category: N/A
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