ITEM: Z4441L

How to create predefined colon files.


Env: AIX 3.2.5, HP JetDIrect.

DESC:  How to create new predef colon files so that we don't
have to redo changes when adding new printers.

ACTION:  Having created and modified 2 virtual printers
we added the following.

piopredef -q que1 -d qdev -s sig -t check
piopredef -q que2 -d qdev -s chk -t check
cd /usr/lib/lpd/pio/predef
vi check.sig
change mL attribute to CHECK FORMAT in both
to say mL::CHECK FORMAT.
Change mA: attribute to 'Signature' on check.sig
and to 'No Signature' on check.chk.

mkvirprt now shows the following options:
  Each of the data streams will now be configured indiv...
--------------------  Signature     --------------------
Enter print queue name :   -> (sig)   
--------------------  No Signature  --------------------
Enter print queue name :   -> (chk)   !

Now when you add a new queue.
This will give a new selection of printers for adding
Network (JetDirect) printers.
tar cvf /dev/rfd0 check.* to place on a diskette.

take to other system
cd /usr/lib./lpd/pio/predfe
tar xvf /dev/rfd0

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Support Line: How to create predefined colon files. ITEM: Z4441L
Dated: September 1995 Category: N/A
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